Monday, January 5, 2015


Another Year has begun and that means new hopes, new dreams, new possibilities, new friendships, new romances, new milestones, etc.  2015 is the year that can be all yours.  You can make it be what you want to be, accomplish what you want to accomplish, and make your dreams a reality.

Here at Amanda Fluri Designs it means a year to focus on card making, new techniques, compete in some cool contests and challenges, some give aways from Amanda Fluri Designs, as well as the chance to work alongside some pretty awesome customers and design some beautiful invites, cards, etc for their upcoming weddings.  I cannot wait to share 2015 with all of you.

Amanda Fluri Designs is also in the process of making a website so there will be some pretty cool things to come with that as well!!

With the New Year under way, it is my mission to get on here more often and make sure to keep you guys informed about all the things that are happening and continuing to provide you with inspiration!

Happy 2015!

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