Sunday, October 6, 2013

Spider Man

Hey Everyone.  Thanks for your support as well as your patience as I get more familiar with this blogging and posting pictures of my designs on here.  I would love feedback from you if you feel so inclined.  It is always great to see what people are looking to see, or if someone needs inspiration on something I would love to be able to help out with that too.

I am working on figuring out how to link to all of the supplies I use in each of my designs so that if you like a certain stamp or patterned paper used you are able to easier access it.  As I get more comfortable I may do some videos of my creation of cards, and I might walk you through the steps, but that is very much down the line for now as editing takes more time that right now I just dont seem to have.

Without further delay I will tell you about a couple Spiderman Cards that I have made recently.  My sister had asked for a spiderman themed card for a birthday for a guy that she knows.  Initially when I was planning out this card I thought it would be cool to use spiderman colours (reds, blues, blacks) and design a card around it.  Then when I bought an embossing folder for my cuttle bug and it was a spiderweb I thought that it would also be cool to use on the card.  With Halloween just around the corner I have a die cut that cuts 4 different spiders, and I thought hey they will be great to use on the card as well.  Then when I was at Hobby Lobby a couple weeks ago I found black and white bakers twine, and spiderman embellishments and the cards basically made themselves.  

I have 2 cards that I have created so far, however have 3 more spiderman embellishments that I will eventually use for cards as well...

Card 1 - front

Side View of Card 1

Front of Card 2

Side view of Card 2

Which card do you like better Card 1 or Card 2 and why?